Federal University of Lavras (UFLA) is recognized in Brazil and internationally as a reference in the generation of scientific knowledge in different areas of food production - either of vegetal or animal origin -, as well as on aspects related to food processing, storage, commercialization, acceptance, quality and safety. Furthermore, agriculture and agribusiness are of strategic importance for the country's economical development, representing approximately 22% of the Brazilian GDP.

This was - and still is - possible only because of the relevant production of scientific knowledge as well as of technological development and innovation in this area. For example, between 2014 and 2019, “Agriculture and Biological Sciences” was the second biggest scientific field in terms of number of scientific publications in Brazil, with 11.8% of all publications. Considering worldwide statistics, Brazil is ranked third in the number of scientific publications in such field during the same period, with the publication of more than 83,000 documents, USA being the first and China, the second. Under such circumstances, UFLA stands out among the “Top 10” institutions in Brazil.

Given the worldwide importance of Agriculture and Food Production for Brazil and for the world, and considering UFLA's historical tradition in this scenario, in 2018 UFLA submitted a Project on Food Production and Food Security to the “Capes PrInt Program” (a Program aiming for the Internationalization of Brazilian Universities and Research Centers - U&RCs). Fortunately, UFLA was among the 36 Brazilian U&RC that succeeded with the approval of its Project.

For accomplishing the activities described in the Project, seventeen R,D&I Institutions from the United States, United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands were prioritized as prospective partners so that international collaborations could be induced. As one of the first actions of the CAPES-PrInt-UFLA Project, some of these institutions received UFLA’s working missions in 2019 and, in a second phase, the Steering Committee invited representatives of these institutions to participate in an event entitled “I International Workshop on Food Security”, which will be held in Lavras/UFLA, with representatives of the following partner U&RCs: Purdue University, University of Illinois, University of Florida, University of Nottingham, Lancaster University and Rothamsted Research.

In this context, the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Steering Committee of the Capes-PrInt-UFLA Project invite UFLA’s academic community and other interested parties to participate in this Workshop, which will be a unique opportunity to get to know some of our partner institutions and to contact their representatives so that future collaborations can be successfully carried out / consolidated.