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UFLA Internationalization Program

The internationalization program of the Federal University of Lavras proposes a set of policies, actions and goals that will allow UFLA to increase its degree of internationalization, as well as develop new processes for measuring and monitoring the institution's intellectual capital.

The Internationalization Program of the Federal University of Lavras establishes a set of goals and actions to be implemented by the institution, over the next 15 years, which will increase academic competitiveness in different axes (bilingual educational environment; internationalized scientific and technological production; international visibility and internationalized cooperation) and insert the university in the main rankings of international excellence.

The core challenge of the Internationalization Program is to establish the routine use of English on the UFLA campus. This is necessary because, historically, instrumentation in the English language has been the biggest obstacle for Brazilian universities to achieve a high degree of internationalization.

In this context, the UFLA Capes PrInt Project will enable, through the teaching and student mobilities, to trigger the significant increase of scientific productions published in high impact international journals, the offer of disciplines, courses and defenses of dissertations and theses in English, expansion of international cooperation and the training of foreign resources.