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PrInt UFLA Project

The project of UFLA is to consolidate the international partnerships already existent with universities from United States and from some Europe countries, as England, France, Holland, etc. Beyond that, with the resources provided by PrInt will be possible to create lasting institutional partnerships with other worldly renowned Universities in the food production and food security areas. All of this will be intended to improve the formation of graduation students (direct benefit) and undergraduation students (indirect benefit) of UFLA, as well as the quality of the developed researches. Another objective of the project is to allow the creation of mechanisms to expand the internationalization and the international environment inside UFLA, as well as to stimulate the internationalization experience of the academic community, through the following actions: 

  1. Increasing the publishing of papers and patents with foreign collaborators;
  2. Expanding the participation of professors in congresses abroad;
  3. Increasing the international mobility of professors and students;
  4. Increasing the number of professors and students who master the English language in the campus, which will allow the expansion of the number of courses taught in English and the participation of foreign collaborators in research groups;
  5. Expanding the participation of foreign professors in UFLA;
  6. Expanding the participation of visiting professors in graduation and undergraduation of UFLA;


 Beyond the expansion of the international environment, this Project has yet as objective to stimulate the international insertion of the Graduation Programs of UFLA, taking in accounting the following aspects: 

  1. Increasing the participation of foreign professors in research groups of UFLA;
  2. Increasing the number of researches developed with world renowned research centers;
  3. Providing the Multi-users Laboratories of UFLA with the laboratorial methodologies utilized in the laboratories of the international partners;
  4. Increasing the number of published papers with high impact factor in the areas related to this project;
  5. Increasing the citation indicators of UFLA;
  6. Increasing the number of professors that act in the editorial body of periodicals of high impact;
  7. Increasing the number of professors that are invited to the lecture presentations in international events;
  8. Increasing the submission and approval of projects by international bodies or agencies of promotion;

PrInt UFLA Project



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